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10 Back To School Tips for the BEST Year EVER

How is it already time for school again? Those lazy days of summer spent by the pool always seem to go by too quickly! Ready or not, Williamson County schools start the school year on Friday, August 5th. While you’re soaking up the last few days of summer, take advantage of this time to get ready for the school year. These tips will help the whole family stay organized, be successful, and make the most of this next year!

Create a Command Center

Dedicate a wall in your kitchen or laundry room that will hold the master family calendar, menu for the week, and other important family reminders. Make sure the calendar features after school activities, work schedules, volunteer activities, school lunch menu, family outings, and school functions for every member of the family.

Pack up the night before

Mornings will be a whole lot easier when you prepare for the day the night before. Make lunches, pack backpacks, sign papers, and lay out clothes before going to bed each night.

Make an afternoon and evening routine

Decide before school starts the homework schedule for the afternoon, dinnertime, and family time. Discuss this schedule with the kids so they know what to expect when they come home.

Plan out the morning routine

Look up bus schedules and plan out the short amount of time you have in the morning. Setting expectations with the time to wake up and breakfast choices on busy school mornings can help avoid issues in the morning.

Make a household filing system

Similar to a command center, create a filing system that’s open and readily available for each child’s paperwork. Label a folder for each child to keep important papers organized.

Freezer meals

Once you get back into the school routine, evenings are hectic! The first few weeks of school are especially crazy as everyone is trying to get back into a routine. Before the school year starts, make several freezer meals that you can easily thaw and reheat when it’s time for dinner. Now there’s more time to hear about everyone’s day!

Assess the school supplies you already have before buying new ones

Chances are you probably have some unused paper, notebooks, pencils, and even more. Go through desk drawers and last year’s stockpile before setting out on the big school supplies shopping trip. Anywhere you can save money is a WIN!

Give each child an agenda

Whether you have a high schooler or young elementary student, every student can benefit from an agenda or planner. Older students can manage it themselves and parents can work with younger students on their agenda to-do list. This will make it easier to hold your kids accountable for the assignments and tasks they have to do, and it begins teaching younger children the effectiveness of time management.

Write down goals for the next school year

Goal setting is an important part of starting a new chapter in life! Encourage each child to write down realistic goals they would like to accomplish this next school year. It could be making all A’s, reading more books, or earning a spot on a sport’s team!

Make it a priority to go to back-to-school night to meet teachers

Going back to school before the actual first day, walking the halls, and meeting new teachers will make the transition so much easier.

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