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10 Effective Steps to De-Clutter Your Entire Life

Have you ever thought about how much clutter we surround ourselves with every day? Anything from papers on the kitchen counter, to wrappers in your car, to pictures from 3 years ago on your phone, and the list goes on. So how do you get rid of the clutter in SO MANY PLACES? Take a look at these 10 very effective ways to de-clutter your entire life…

1. Start with areas at home you encounter on a daily basis

Think about (or even write down) the areas of your home you use in your daily routine, like your bathroom cosmetic drawer, the coat closet, your kitchen table. These are the areas you want to focus on first. Your daily routine will flow much easier with clutter-free spaces. Overwhelmed with the amount of areas to tackle? That brings us to #2…

2. Pick 1 room (or drawer, cabinet, etc…) to de-clutter per day


If you take a step back and look at the job that stands in front of you, it’s overwhelming! That’s why it’s crucial to to just pick one area to tackle a day. Two things happen from doing this, you get a sense of accomplishment because you finished a task from beginning to end, and you don’t drive yourself INSANE from doing too many things at once! So one day completely re-organize the “junk” drawer, then overhaul the playroom, the next day clean out the bathroom cabinets, and see progress made each day!

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3. Invest in stylish storage

These days organization is apart of the design. You can easily find storage ottomans, bins, and baskets that works with your home decor. Placing these strategically in rooms where a lot of clutter seems to exist will at least put it out of sight.

4. Clean out your car

Even though we’re all looking outside most of our time in the car, you would be amazed what a clutter-free car will do to your sanity. Spend time once a week cleaning out trash, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming. Every time you enter your car you will breathe a sigh of relief!

5. Enforce the “one touch” rule

Ready to get your household involved in de-cluttering? The one touch rule means you only touch the item once for it to find its place. How many times have we all returned home with mail, put it on the counter, opened it a few hours later, then let it sit there for a few days? Not good! Start with just one touch and put that mail where it needs to go right when you receive it!

6. Delete and organize emails


While you may not physically trip over a stack of emails, it’s still clutter in your life. While you’re standing in line, waiting for an appointment, or even watching TV, spend a few minutes deleting old emails. This is a good time to unsubscribe from email lists you are no longer interested in. Imagine the relief you will feel the next time you open your inbox and it’s empty! While you’re already on the computer…

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7. Delete and organize computer files

If you’re email is clogged up, chances are you have computer files and pictures from ages ago you don’t need anymore. A clutter-free computer also means a faster computer! Don’t forget to empty the recycle bin when you’re completely sure those files can be deleted. *This also is a great time to back up important files and pictures on a flash drive or external hardrive!*

8. Clean out the pantry

garbage-40357_640Clutter in your kitchen pantry often gets unnoticed. You open it, grab what you need, then shut the door and move on. After a while, chip bags get tossed to the back, cereal expires, and canned food gets forgotten. The next time dinner is cooking away in the oven, grab a trash bag and go to town! Once you get all the old and expired food in the garbage it will be easier to organize. Consider adding a small basket to your pantry to hold all the small snacks. Using canisters to hold snacks and cereal will keep it fresh longer and help you stay organized.


9. Tackle your closetdresses-53319_640

Even if you are pretty diligent about keeping your closet floor free from clothes, there are probably many outfits and shoes you don’t wear anymore. Go through your wardrobe and set aside clothes to giveaway to give more room in your drawers and closet. Now if you do suffer from a messy closet, you have more space to hang up everything that usually lives on the floor.

10. Clean out your phone and tablet

iphone-410311_640Finally, we end with the item that’s closest to us at all times. Yes, your phone does gather clutter! Similar to cleaning out your computer, erase old text messages, pictures, apps, music, and contacts. For something we use so often during the day, keeping it clutter-free will make for a happier life.




Taking steps to a clutter-free life takes time! Give yourself grace as you find what works best for you and your household. If you want more tips on household organization and de-cluttering click HERE.

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