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3 Tips for First Time Home Sellers



Time has flown by since you bought your first home. You made many memories there and will always remember it as your first home, and now the time has come to sell. You learned all the tips and tricks to buying your first home. Now selling your home is another world, which can be a daunting task for first time home sellers. If you’re wondering how to sell a home for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. When you become well informed with realistic expectations, find a successful listing agent, and make your home look its best, selling your first home will come with ease.



When you bought your first home, you probably did a wide variety of research on homes for sale, pricing, and selecting your REALTOR®. Selling your home is no different. It is important to know what comparable homes in their neighborhood are selling for to begin to get an idea of your home’s value. What do these houses have that my house does not? Do I need to upgrade areas of my home to stand out among other listings? At Location Williamson we have done the research and can answer those questions for you. Call us at 615.469.1412 and we’ll show you how we can list your home. When you are more informed, you can make better decisions that could lead to a quicker, more desirable sell.

The other part of important research is finding the right listing agent for your needs. The listing agent you need is one that can help answer those questions about what price to list for and how to make your home stand out. You also want to find someone that is seasoned and has a good track record for selling homes in your area. Location Williamson not only has the knowledge to answer all your questions about selling your home, we are also experts at selling homes in this area. Finding an agent that has an excellent knowledge for selling homes and knows your area well could make all the difference in how your home sells.

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Have realistic expectations

Most home sellers need their home to sell for a great price in order to move on to their next house. In May 2016, the majority of home buyers were repeat buyers relying on the sale of their previous home to use as a down payment for the next house.[1] While this can be great motivation, it’s important to not let this cloud your judgment when pricing your house realistically. This is where the hard facts found in researching come into play. The facts tell the truth about your neighborhood and city. Understanding the neighborhood and comparable houses can help you set expectations for what to sell your house for, and trusting your listing agent is equally as important. Your real estate agent is a professional in the industry and an expert in your area. Listen and take the advice of your real estate professional throughout the selling process. Selling your house is the most important priority to you, so marketing the right price or adding certain upgrades could affect the timeline of the home sale. At Location Williamson, we want to see your house sold for the right price in a timely manner and we have the resources and skills to make that happen.


Clear the clutter

As a seller, walk into your house and imagine you are a potential buyer at a showing. What would you want to see? What could be distracting or potentially prevent a buyer from making an offer? Would you buy this house again in its current state? Homebuyers have a hard time seeing past clutter. We have a Getting Your Home in Top Selling Condition checklist to guide you as you prepare your home to sell. Call us today at 615.469.1412 to request our checklist!

Make sure your furniture is free from clutter and highlights the best features of your home. Clutter is one of the top mistakes home sellers can make. At Location Williamson we pride ourselves on making this an easy process, while minimizing costs. We offer staging services to help get your home in top condition to sell. As a home seller, you should display your home in such a way that potential buyers can imagine themselves living life in this home. While it may take a little extra time to organize and upgrade your house to sell, it can certainly go a long way in the overall sale of the home.

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These three tips are just the beginning of valuable ways first time home sellers can successfully sell their home. Selling your home for the first time does not have to be overwhelming. A little time and effort on the homeowner’s part can go a long way toward a successful sale that allows you to move on to bigger and better places.

At Location Williamson we want to make first time selling an easy transition for you. We have over 12 successful years in real estate and we are experts on selling homes in Metro Nashville. Let us show you how we can help you get your home sold for the right price! Visit Location Williamson and call 615.469.1412 to start the process.

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