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5 Home Staging Tips on a Budget

When preparing your home to sell, staging is a must. Many people start to see dollar signs at the mention of “home staging,” but don’t fret! You can easily stage your home to sell on a budget (If you’re interested in using a professional home stager, call us at 615.469.1412). Putting some extra thought, time, and a few dollars into these fixes will have a bigger impact on your home sale than you might think!

  1. PAINT

Paint is a cheap way to liven up a room! Choose a neutral color for each room. If you are doing it yourself, take extra time to ensure each room looks the absolute best. You may want to consider hiring painters. Don’t feel like you have to paint the whole house. Picking a few rooms that need a fresh coat the most is a good way to stay on budget.


Homebuyers LOVE a well lit home. If a home they are touring is dimly lit, it comes across as old, dirty, and less appealing. Check to see if all the light bulbs are working and efficient. You may want to rearrange some smaller lamps to make sure lighting is balanced in the room. These are easy and affordable ways for your home to stand out!


Ever heard the saying, “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses?” It’s true! Think about how much time you spend in those areas of your home. If you’re going to spend any money for staging, spend it in these rooms! You don’t need to do a full kitchen remodel with brand new appliances. Begin with a deep clean to make sure there are no remnants of you and your family’s use of these spaces (this might involve some tile and grout scrubbing in the bathroom!). In the kitchen, paint the walls and remove items off the counter. You want to keep the countertops mostly bare, but staging with a few small decorative items, floral arrangement, or a fresh fruit bowl will boost the space. Keep in mind potential buyers might be peering into cabinets and pantries too, so make sure items behind closed doors are presentable as well.

In the bathroom it’s simple. Add new towels, shower curtain, and a small decorative item for the counter. If it’s in your budget, consider replacing hardware if the original is outdated. Keep personal items to a minimum, even if they are in the cabinets and drawers (remember potential buyers like to look behind closed doors).

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We’ve discussed the importance of decluttering a lot when it comes to preparing your home to sell. The easiest and most affordable way to begin staging your home to sell is taking stuff OUT. Use this as an opportunity to give and throw away old belongings. Taking nonessential items out of your home will make it much more presentable to potential buyers. Even if it causes you to get a little uncomfortable, just remember you won’t be in this house much longer!


Oh curb appeal! This is THE first impression potential buyers get of your house. So it’s a big deal right? So big that we’re dedicating an entire post to staging your outside to sell. We dedicated an entire post to boosting curb appeal when selling. Find it HERE!


As you’re decluttering and freshening up paint, keep in mind you want to begin taking down any personal affects that show this house belongs to you. Watch below on how to depersonalize your home for staging purposes.


We would love to give you more tips on how to get your home ready to sell! Contact us today and ask for our FREE “Getting Your Home in Top Selling Condition” guide. Reach us at 615.469.1412 or online.



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