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New Development Plans for Alexander Farm | Spring Hill, TN


Plans are moving forward quite nicely for the new business, residential, and commercial developments planned for Alexander Farm in Spring Hill, TN. This development includes 775 acres on Buckner Lane just west of I-65.

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Most recently, the property was approved to be rezoned from an agricultural to a planned zoning district. While steps are being taken to move the development along, it is still in the planning stages. Once construction gets underway, there is a 20 year timeline to completion. This includes many improvements to roads and potentially a new interchange at I-65. The intersection at Buckner Lane and Thompsons Station Road will need to be improved immediately.

Stay tuned with Location Williamson for updates as the Alexander Farm development continues to move forward!IMG_3616

Click HERE to see a map of the zoned proposed project.

January 25, 2017 Update:

Spring Hill city officials are patiently working through the rezoning process of Alexander Farms. The vote to rezone was recently deferred until February 13th to ensure all the plans are reviewed properly. After Feb. 13th it will go to the Board of Mayor and Alderman. Find more info on the rezoning process here.

As each phase of the Alexander Farm development is revealed, the major obstacle to overcome is proper roadways. Phase 1 & 2 should be completed by 2027 with Buckner Road and Buckner Lane adding more lanes. In order for Phase 3-5 to be completed though, there has to be a new I-65 interchange to accommodate the heavier traffic. This new interchange is largely dependent on state and federal funding and approval. Read more about each phase and the timeline here.

August 2016 Announcement:

Have you heard about the new development plans for Alexander Farm on Buckner Lane in Spring Hill? Imagine more residential, retail, and office spaces along Buckner Lane (similar to Franklin’s Cool Springs, according to the article). This is big news for the future of Spring Hill! By now you know the city’s population has seen enormous growth in the last several years, so if this development goes according to plan, imagine the growth Spring Hill could see in the next 5-10 years!

Not only are there development plans for Alexander Farm, this is also the site for the long proposed I-65 interchange at Buckner Lane. In order for the city to handle this massive new development though, there needs to be direct access to the interstate.

Preserving the natural environment

The owner’s of the farm made it very clear how they envision the property developing. The lake and stream on the land must be preserved, along with the other natural features, and the development must be friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists. This is good news to those who enjoy the natural beauty as they drive down Buckner Lane.

What does this mean for you?

Maybe this is just what you needed to hear to finally make the move to Spring Hill. This city is taking off with growth and opportunities beyond the Alexander Farm development plans. You can still enjoy the benefits of Williamson County Schools and have an easy drive to Franklin and Nashville. If you’re ready join the residents of Spring Hill we’re ready to help you! View the homes for sale in Spring Hill, TN or call us now at 615-469-1412.

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