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Buy or Build New Construction? | A Home Buyer’s Perspective

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Our marketing coordinator, Lindsey Manson, is one of many home buyers searching for a home. She shared her thoughts on being a home buyer in this market.

The struggle is real with home buying in this current market. Home values are soaring and inventory is low, which makes it difficult for home buyers (especially first time home buyers) to purchase an existing home. When homes do go on the market, they fly off the shelves!

As a current home buyer myself, I understand the frustration. You may feel like the cards are stacked against you, but I promise there are options out there!

I’m sure you’ve noticed (who hasn’t?!) that Metro Nashville is booming with new construction homes. It seems like every month there is a new residential development beginning construction. No matter where you live in Metro Nashville, there is more than likely a new construction option.

Common objections we hear from home buyers who don’t want to consider new construction are, it takes too long and too expensive. For most home buyers this isn’t the case.

Home buyers spend months looking for their dream home and many times they could have built a home exactly to their standards for the same price in the same amount of time.

If you’re tired of losing out on offers and competing with multiple buyers, it might be time to consider a new construction home. Just imagine picking the lot, selecting design features, then moving into a fabulous home. Walk inside and take in the smell of brand new. No worries about repairs, faulty appliances, or remodeling. With a little bit of patience, this can be your reality.

Someone working FOR you

When you choose to purchase new construction (or even just considering it) it’s very important you have a qualified real estate agent walking along with you and working for your best interest. We talk in depth about this here, but to sum it up, you need someone representing you in the transaction to make sure your needs are heard and met. The agents in the development work with the builder, so having an awesome REALTOR® working for you is to your advantage.

As your REALTOR®, we also have access to information about new construction developments that aren’t posted on the MLS. Many times builders won’t list all the available lots and floor plans on the MLS. We’ve done the research and can guide you on the best opportunity for your needs. If you’re interested in what new construction options in Williamson County are on the MLS find them below or see our guide on Williamson County new construction homes!

“Is That a New Neighborhood?”

How many times have you asked that question driving down a road and you see construction crews moving dirt around? New construction subdivisions are popping up everywhere and sometimes information is not readily available. We’ve done the work and we’re bringing it to YOU! Stay tuned for all you need to know about new construction homes in Spring Hill Williamson and Maury counties, Thompsons Station, Franklin, and Brentwood.

Questions about new construction? Ready to start the process? Call us with any questions at 615.469.1412 to speak with one of our buyer specialists.

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