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Essential Moving & Relocation Resources

Welcome to Williamson County, TN! Whether you are just moving from another Tennessee city or across the country, everyone needs moving, we’re happy you chose Williamson County as your new home. We wanted to provide you with several essential resources that will help you every step of your moving process. First, take a look at some specific Williamson County resources available to you as you navigate your move. Scroll down for some moving hacks to help make packing and transporting MUCH easier.

3 (1)Finding a New Home

If you’re looking to buy a house in Williamson County we can help you with that! The talented agents at Location Williamson are experts in the area and will find you the perfect property to fit your needs. It’s important that when moving to a new city, especially if you are completely brand new to the area, to consult a real estate agent when deciding on what area to live in. We can educate you on the different areas of Williamson County to find your best fit. Click HERE to see all the homes for sale in Williamson County, TN by city.

If you prefer to start your own search, begin HERE. Our website allows you to search for properties by keywords, area, zip code, city, school district, and more. A good place to begin is deciding how far of a commute you are willing to make to work and school. From there, search for properties near those locations.

– Suggested For You: Williamson County Interactive Zip Code Map –

Entertainment and Things to Do

We blog about local events happening in and around Williamson County. Stay up-to-date with themMain St., Franklin Tennessee HERE.

You will find no shortage of entertainment in Williamson County. All year long there are events that provide fun for the whole family. See below for event schedules.

City of Franklin Events

Guide to Brentwood

City of Brentwood Events

Spring Hill Events

Just a short drive away to Nashville provides an endless amount of events and activities. There are so many opportunities to hear some of the best music artists in the country close to home!

Nashville Events


Things to Do in Nashville

School District

Williamson County has an excellent school system that ranks high in Tennessee and the entire United States. Students in all grades learn from outstanding teachers and administrators. Visit the Williamson County School District webpage for more info.

Useful links – Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Register to Vote

If you’re relocating to Williamson County from a different state you need to plan ahead to obtain a Tennessee driver’s license, vehicle registration, and voter registration. Even if you move from another county in Tennessee, you will need to register your vehicle in Williamson county. Each of these requires specific documents to apply so begin gathering the documents as they come available to you. See below for specific instructions on applying for a Tennessee driver’s license, vehicle registration, and voter registration.

New Resident Driver’s License

New Resident Vehicle Titling/Registration

Register to Vote


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Moving HACKS

When you’re finally ready to move, packing and organizing the move makes for a very complex few weeks. Before you book the moving truck and pack all of your belongings, follow these simple tips to make your transition much more enjoyable.

1. Pack overnight bag

Think of everything you would need if you were staying a couple nights away from home. Putting several outfits, pajamas, toiletries, cell phone, and computer chargers in an overnight bag will help on the first couple nights in your new home. No one wants to dig around in boxes for a toothbrush after a long day of moving!

2. Use towels and t-shirts to wrap breakables

Soft and light items such as t-shirts and towels are great for wrapping breakables. You can also use them as a cushion in boxes with breakables. You have to pack those items anyway, so might as well put them to good use!

3. Take pictures of how large electronics are connected (i.e. TV, desktop computer, gaming console) before you take it down.

This will save you so much time when trying to reconnect your electronics!

4. Label all cords!

We all have dozens of black cords that look alike, so it’s easy to get confused if a cord is for the printer or TV. To expedite unpacking, put cords in a gallon-sized plastic bag and label what they are for. If possible keep the cord bags with the electronic.

5. Use sandwich bags to keep small hardware together as you take things apart (i.e. flat screen TVs, picture frames, curtains, etc..)

Speaking of plastic bags, use smaller sandwich bags for hardware such as nails, screws, and picture hanging hooks to make it easier to hang up again. Don’t forget to label what each bag goes with or tape them to the back of the item!

6. Put books in rolling suitcases

Take advantage of those rolling suitcases for heavier items, such as books. This makes it so much easier to transport.

7. Try to use as many bags, baskets, and suitcases you already have to save on boxes

You probably have more packing resources than you think. Before ordering boxes, take an inventory of the bags, baskets, storage bins, and suitcases you already have. These will end up on the moving truck already, so make use of the extra space!

8. Put out of season clothes in vacuum-sealed bags to save space

The purpose of this is two-fold. It is a lot easier to move flat items and putting them into storage when you arrive will be a breeze.

9. Use different colored duct tape for each room to make moving off the truck easier

Yellow tape for kitchen, blue tape for bedroom, red tape for living room… you get the idea! This helps not only help the movers, and also makes sorting and finding boxes much quicker.

10. Label both the top and side of the boxes so you can see the label when boxes are stacked on top of each other

Have you ever taken down the whole stack of boxes just to realize the box you need wasn’t actually at the bottom. Labeling on the side, as well as using colored duct tape, helps you find that specific box in less time.

11. If you’re using trash bags to pack, use a different color bag from ones you are using for actual trash

One of the most sinking feelings while moving is realizing you threw some of your belongings away by mistake. Large trash bags are useful for packing, but make sure they are very distinguished from actual trash. Black bags = trash. White bags = your stuff.

12. Use trash bags for hanging clothes. You can also label whose clothes it is!

Another use for trash bags is for hanging clothes. Save time from taking everything off the hanger! You can either tie the drawstring up by the hanger or make a hole at the bottom to stick the hanger through for a makeshift garment bag.

13. Put all your packing materials in a basket (tape, scissors, labels, sharpies, etc..) so you won’t be asking where the tape was moved all day ; )

This will help your sanity in a major way! Small items such as tape and scissors can easily fall under the massive amounts of boxes, paper, and belongings you have lying around. Taking around a basket of packing materials is easier to find and will save you some very frustrated minutes of searching. Just make sure all packers are aware of the system!


If you’re just starting your home search in Williamson County, check out houses for sale below. To see new listings in Williamson County by city, click HERE. Reach a qualified buyer’s specialist at 615.469.1412.






Jackie was great to work with. She has a great attitude, very professional and made the buying experience fun. Karessa was extremely helpful in walking me through the process and making the transition easier. I’d definitely use this team in the future and recommend them highly.
David Tutterrow