Williamson County TN Interactive Zip Code Map

    Yellow: Franklin
    Orange: Brentwood
    Light Blue: Thompsons Station
    Purple: College Grove
    Black: Fairview
    Green: Spring Hill
    Brown: Arrington
    Dark Blue: Nolensville

    Click the zip code links to see homes for sale in that zip code.

    Franklin – 37064, 37067, 37069

    Brentwood – 37027

    (parts of 37027 located in Davidson County)

    Thompsons Station – 37179

    College Grove – 37046

    Fairview – 37062

    Spring Hill – 37174

    (parts of 37174 located in Maury County)

    Arrington – 37014

    Nolensville – 37135


    Found Jeremy’s team through a mutual friend. Jackie was a great resource for us as we were relocating from out of state. Jackie provided us information on schools, neighborhoods and other important items that would impact our home decision. Her schedule was flexible to accommodate our trips through Nashville to search for a new home. The rest of the team stepped in to help our quick closing happen sooner than planned. Thanks to you all!
    Amanda Hult