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We Need These Fairview and Bellevue Listings…

If you own a home in Fairview or Bellevue listen close! Location Williamson needs listings in Fairview and Bellevue that match these features:

  • $325,000 or under in Bellevue
  • Up to $260,000 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in Bellevue
  • Fairview home under $265,000 with 3 bed 2 bath
  • Bellevue or Fairview areas with private back yard up to $300,000

Are one of these properties yours? We want to sell it to meet specific buyer needs. If you have ever thought about selling your home, NOW is the time! Call us at 615.469.1412, or reach out online, and we’ll make it happen.

Find more listings we need in Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, and other cities HERE.

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