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Home Remodeling Inspiration | Bonus Room Decorating

If you have a home with a bonus room, you might consider it a blessing and a curse. A blessing that you have more living space to spread out and a curse that it’s usually the room that collects piles of STUFF. Don’t know where to put that item? Stick it in the bonus room. Cleaning the house for guests? Throw all the kids’ toys in the bonus room.

Not anymore!

Check out some inspiring bonus rooms to get you thinking about your own. Say goodbye to wasted space, disorganization, and clutter. Say hello to a space with purpose to enjoy life in.

Kids Playroom
This room takes advantage of every corner of this wall in a unique way. A bookshelf that checks off organization, functionality, and style. Perfect way to add some color to your room without painting the whole space!


Robeson Design Kids Bonus room
If your bonus room is a media room for older kids or adults this is perfect inspiration! Incorporate fun texture, patterns, and colors into your accessories (pillows, rug, etc..). Built in cubicles under the TV make for convenient storage as well.


Modern Eclectic
Make your bonus room extra fun for the kids by adding a chalkboard wall! Chalkboard walls are the trend these days and they can be a fun addition for the whole family to get in on. Use it for homework, write messages, and sketch drawings.
Dallas, TX: Tyler & Crispin Deneault
Prefer your bonus room to be an open space? This bonus room has ample room to play and still holds a light amount of furniture. The cube shelves allow kids to still see the toys they store and the baskets keep small items out of sight.
Chesapeake Loft
If your bonus room is large and serves many purposes, this set up might work for you! The furniture adds separation, but the room still feels cohesive. Adding a fun paint color will liven up the space too!

Each of these bonus rooms are unique and combine organization, function, and style. Find stylish ways to keep the room organized. Give the room a purpose then make it fun. We hope these inspire you to make your bonus room a happy, livable space the whole family can enjoy.

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