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How To Know It’s Time To Move Up In House

Your current home has been a blessing! You made many memories and enjoyed the time you spent there. So no hard feelings, but IT’S TIME TO GO. If you’ve ever had these thoughts, this post is for YOU! Stop dreaming about that big, beautiful home you always wanted and make it happen with these steps!

There are several aspects to consider when deciding when is the right time to move to a bigger house.

Here is how you know you’re ready to move to up in house:

1. Your household income has increased

If you added another source of income or received a raise or promotion at your current job, you might be able to afford moving up in house. Remember a bigger home also includes higher utility bills, a larger yard to maintain, more space to fill with furniture, and a higher mortgage. An increase in income will definitely help offset the higher costs of moving up in house.

While your income is a huge factor in deciding if you should move up in house, your debt, credit score, and entire financial picture are just as important in that decision.

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2. Your current home has no more room to grow

Are you stepping all over each other? Do the kids have no more room to spread out? Is there absolutely no more space to LIVE? It’s probably time to start considering a larger home. Having more space to grow, live, and spread out will help your entire household enjoy life more. Even just moving to a home with one extra bedroom, bathroom, or common area will increase your sanity!

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3. Your current home’s value has increased

This is a big one. In order for it to completely make sense to move to a bigger home, the real estate market needs to work in your favor. Currently in our market, home values are on the rise and it’s a hot seller’s market. If you’re considering when to move up in home, first check your current home’s value here. Then, use the contact form on your valuation to tell us your thoughts about the estimate. We’ll send you a more detailed report of your property just for reaching out!


Making the decision to move up in house is definitely not easy or quick. There are many factors to consider, especially how it will work for your household. We get it! So wherever you are in the decision-making process we want to help. You can start your home search HERE or check out our community guides to see homes for sale in your desired neighborhood. If you need to start talking about selling before you can even think about buying, get your home value for FREE and read our Ultimate Guide to Home Selling.

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