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How to Sell Your Home While Raising Kids & Pets


Selling your home can be challenging. Throw in a few kids, pets, or BOTH and you have quite the challenge on your hands. Fear not though! It is not impossible to sell your home with kids and pets living there.


1. Remove all evidence pets live there

This is the number one rule when it comes to selling your home with a pet. When buyers come to tour your house, they don’t want to see evidence of pets living there. They need to imagine their life in the home and not wonder if there is pet damage the whole time they’re touring. Take all pet beds, litter boxes, food, toys, bowls, and crates out of the home when buyers come to view it. This includes deodorizing too, which we’ll get to later.

2. Pay special attention to damages caused by pets and repair

This is extremely necessary! Carefully inspect your home (both inside and outside) to find damages left behind by your beloved pet. This could include holes in the backyard, scratched hardwood floors, or stained carpet. A buyer’s eye will go right to damage if left not repaired. Be sure to also pick up after your pet in the yard!

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3. Remove pets from home during showings (if not during the whole listing period)

At the very least, you should take your pet with you during a showing. This goes back to removing all evidence a pet lives there. It doesn’t help if you remove dog toys from the home if your dog is still there! Even if your pet is super friendly, it’s still not a good idea to leave them there. You don’t want to give buyers any distractions or be liable for anything that happens.

If you want to take the more extreme approach, send your pet on a mini vacation to stay with friends or family. Remember it’s only temporary and might be the best approach to keep your home in the best shape while you’re trying to sell.

4. Get rid of pet odors

Having a home filled with bad odors is one of the top mistakes a seller can make. You and your family may be used to the odor, so invite a friend over who will be honest with you. Before each showing especially, be sure to make your home smell fresh!


5. Involve your kids in packing and cleaning

Give your kids age appropriate cleaning tasks before showings and make it a game! If your kids are young, at least keep them busy so you can clean! Moving and packing is stressful for kids as well, so try to make this process fun for them. Let them pick out a few special toys to leave out while the house is on the market.

6. Schedule fun activities to do away from home during showings

Having just hours notice to get the house clean and you and the kids out the door for each showing if a handful without a doubt. First, remember your end goal. You want this house sold! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a period of time. This is only temporary. Second, plan something to look forward to with your kids during showings. Have a bag ready to go with fun, entertaining things to do away from home that you can just grab and go when a showing comes up.

7. Minimize messes (as much as possible)

We get it. With kids messes happen and they happen a lot. During the time your house is on the market you can take extra steps to try to prevent mess and clutter as much as possible. You could only allow eating at the kitchen table for easier clean up, don’t wear any shoes in the house, and get your kids involved in a 15 minute clean up every night before bed to clear the clutter from the day. It might also be a good idea to pack up glasses and dishes and use plastic cups and paper plates to lessen the amount of dirty dishes.

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We hope you take away from all of this that it is not impossible to sell your home with kids and pets! It might be a little challenging, but these tips should help lighten your load.

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