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Major Home Seller Mistakes

When you decide it is time to sell, your priorities are to sell quickly and for top dollar. It is easy to focus on the big picture and forget about the small, important details that go into listing. There are several mistakes sellers (both first time sellers and seasoned sellers) make that can cost you a lot of money and time. A survey completed in 2014 highlighted some of the biggest home seller mistakes according to real estate agents. We know how to avoid these and other common mishaps we see sellers make. Taking the steps to prevent these mistakes makes selling a more positive experience.


Not hiring a real estate agent

The biggest mistake you can make when selling a property is not hiring a real estate agent. Agents are trained professionals that have expert knowledge on selling houses and land, plus the overall market. Their expertise is instrumental in getting your property sold. According to the National Associations of REALTORS® (NAR), in 2015 almost 90% of home sellers used a real estate agent and there is a good reason why! Using an agent gets the property sold quicker and at a better price than if it is sold by owner. This year at the majority of our listings sold for list price or higher and on average went under contract in just a couple weeks. We know what it takes to get your property sold!

Real estate agents also have greater resources to properly market your property for sale. The photos posted online are one of the crucial parts to bringing potential buyers in for showings. NAR reports that currently 92% of homebuyers look for houses on the internet, so the photos are key. Having poor quality images is another major mistake sellers can make. If a buyer does not like the way the house looks in the online images, chances are they will not schedule a showing! This is where having a professional real estate agent comes in. At we always use a professional photographer to take the highest quality photos of the property, inside and out. Our photographer also films a video tour of our listings showcasing the property’s best features. See the video tours from our previous listings here!

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Inflexible showing availability

Sellers who have very specific availability for showings risk the chance of losing buyers. In order for a property to sell, buyers have to be able to come see it, which means the seller needs to leave ample amount of time for showings. Selling your property causes you to break from your normal daily routine and embrace inconvenience. Keep in mind the more times and days you make the property available for showings, the more opportunities there are for buyers to come in and make an offer.

Pricing your house incorrectly

This is another mistake that sellers especially make when they are not using a real estate agent, but you can also make this mistake if you do not take the advice of your agent. Listing your property too high could delay the sale, and pricing too low will cause you to miss out on what it is worth. Using a real estate agent and trusting their list price will save you time and money. Our agents at Location Williamson have the resources and expertise to price your property to be competitive in the market at its highest value.

Once you do receive an offer, another mistakes sellers make is being unwilling to negotiate. Do not be offended by a low offer. With the guidance of your real estate agent, the power of negotiation is a great tool to use.

Failing to prepare the house to sell – Declutter & Repair

Sellers already have the tasks of preparing to move and finding a new place to live, so some sellers don’t place much priority on preparing the house to sell. This is a big and costly mistake to make. You need to complete a detailed cleaning and declutter the inside, and also clean up the outside too. Curb appeal is a must when selling a property because it is the first impression buyers get when arriving. In addition to cleaning, taking extra steps to deodorize the house is important. Buyers can turn down the most appealing house in the neighborhood if there is a lingering, unpleasant smell. Try inviting a friend over who will be completely honest about any odors.

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It is also important to make any necessary repairs to the house before listing. Even though your days are numbered in that house, putting some extra time and money into making it look its best will only help you sell. Lingering repairs and clutter distract buyers and you don’t want them to lose focus from the best features of the property. knows how important preparations are in a property sale and we can show you how to make it happen. Request our guide for “Getting Your Home in Top Selling Condition.”

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Don’t make these costly mistakes when selling your property! You have bigger and better plans intended after your sale, so don’t let these mistakes jeopardize your hard work. Hiring a real estate agent is absolutely key, and the agents at Location Williamson are ready to guide you through the entire process. Our expertise with marketing, listing at the right price, and properly preparing a house for showings will make selling your home a smooth transition for you. Tell us about your property here or give us a call at 615.469.1412.

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