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Selling Your Home in the Winter

A couple months ago we wrote a blog post about selling your home during the holidays. If you decided to wait to list your home till now, this post is perfect for you! Selling your home in the winter doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes a little extra strategy. There are some great positives to selling your home in the winter. Motivated buyers and less competition.  Most likely, potential home buyers aren’t just casually looking at homes in the winter. It’s too cold and schedules are busy! So if buyers are touring homes in the winter, they are probably very motivated to buy quickly. There’s also less competition for your home. Typically, fewer houses are listed in the winter months, so that means more buyers can see your home.

How do you sell your home in the winter? Here are some great tips to make it happen…

Maintain curb appeal

We get it, there aren’t luscious trees or beautiful green grass in the winter. There’s still much that can be done to give your home good curb appeal in the winter. Mow the lawn if needed, remove all dead plants, and keep leaves clear from the driveway and walkways. It’s also beneficial to clean the outside windows and maybe give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Want more budget-friendly curb appeal ideas? Get our list HERE.

purple-yellow-light-76441Lighting is key

The winter means shorter days and even more dimmer days so the lighting inside and outside your home is absolutely crucial. Buyers love touring well-lit homes. Especially since some home tours might occur as the sun sets or even when it’s dark, adding a flood light outside and a few extra lamps will help tremendously. Find more staging tips (on a BUDGET) HERE.

Run the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, this is perfect place to show off a bit. What a perfect way to show buyers


what they have to look forward to in the winter months in this home!

Make sure the heat is working properly

The last thing you want to happen when a potential home buyer tours your home is for the heat to malfunction. Keep the house nice and warm when buyers are scheduled to come tour. *Bonus Tip* Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or another scrumptious baked good to fill your home with a sweet aroma. Home odors are very important to home buyers.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your home in the winter months, don’t fear! Take hold of the positives of selling your home in the winter and follow these extra tips. If you’re just starting the home selling process, follow these two steps. 1. Get an INSTANT home value 2. Call us at 615-469-1412. Our expert agents are ready to talk to you about how to sell your home for TOP VALUE in LESS TIME.

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