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WCS Budget Cut vs. Property Tax Increase

Williamson County school officials are working with the county commission’s budget committee to finalize the upcoming school year’s budget. WCS is proposing a $343 million budget which is a 6% increase from last year. School officials say the budget increase is due to the increase in students and medical insurance cost.

The county is looking to cut the proposed budget by 1.46%, which equates to a $5 million cut. WCS officials are deeply concerned with this proposed budget cut, even calling it “tragic.” The WCS Superintendent said they don’t know where to make the cuts and that it will likely be in teachers and staff. According to the school officials’ calculations, a $5 million cut would mean 77 teaching positions get cut.

This proposed budget can be approved without a cut if Williamson County property taxes are raised by 8 cents. Many county commissioners are opposed to this increase since property taxes were raised last year too, according to The Tennessean.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney asked the budget committee to consider letting the voters decide on the funding, but the committee did not believe that would help with the budget decision.

The Williamson County budget committee approved a $338 million budget and it will go before the full county commission in July.

Read more about the proposed budget and budget cuts on Spring Hill Home Page and The Tennessean.

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