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What To Look For During The Final Walk Through

Congratulations! You’re about to close on your new home! This is an exciting time, but also very busy as you’re planning a move and possibly finishing the sale of your previous home. Even through this crazy time, it’s really important to pay special attention during your final walk through. What is a final walk through? A final walk through is the last opportunity you have to visit and walk through the home before closing. Any repairs that the seller agreed to make should be completed and the seller should be moved out or very close. Your agent will walk through the home with you to answer any last minute questions. Take advantage of this time to do a thorough check of the home (both inside and outside!) and ask questions. Here are some things to look for:

1.Verify repairs were completed

It’s important to note again how crucial it is to verify with your own eyes that any agreed-upon repairs were completed and is working properly. You should also bring your phone (or camera) to take pictures of anything that was not repaired like it should have been. It’s also beneficial to make sure there aren’t any new damages caused by the sellers moving out.

2. Account for items agreed to stay

If you and the seller agreed to leave the refrigerator, for example, make sure its there. This might sound obvious, but it’s important to prioritize this, especially with smaller items. On the flip side, make sure any items the sellers agreed to take with them are gone.

3. Check all appliances

Ensure the appliances are working properly. Test the dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage disposal, microwave, stove, oven, washer, dryer, and any other appliances around the home. Most importantly, run the air conditioner and heat to make sure it works.

4. Check for water damage, leaks, mold

When you walk through the bathrooms and kitchen, check under the sink, toilets, and showers for any signs of mold, water damage, and/or leaks. Run the showers to make sure there is hot water and flush all toilets too.

5. Open and Lock/Unlock Windows and Doors

Go through the entire house and open and close the windows and make sure they lock properly. Same goes for the doors, especially the doors leading outside. If there is a garage, test the garage door opener as well.

6. Check lights and circuit breaker

This is your chance to ensure all things electrical are working properly in the home. Bring something to plug into the outlets to make sure they all work. Get yourself familiar with the circuit breaker as well.

7. Inspect the overall cleanliness of the home

If the seller is completely moved out, the home should be in a clean condition with no debris or garbage left behind. Check the attic and garage too for anything left behind or forgotten by the seller.

8. Walk around the outside of the home

It’s best to do the final walk through in daylight hours so you can inspect the outside. Look for any damage or debris.


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