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10 Things to Know About the Williamson County Schools Rezoning Proposals

The Williamson County School district revealed a proposed plan for a district-wide rezoning on Thursday (March 16th). This rezone is proposed to help alleviate the nine schools that are currently over capacity and six at capacity, according to the Williamson Herald. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Only 8% of WCS students will be affected

Despite the amount of subdivisions being rezoned and the number of schools involved, it still only totals 8% of Williamson County Schools students who will be rezoned.

2. Rezoning goes into effect for the 2018-19 school year

3. The zoning for the new Clayton Arnold Elementary & Clayton Arnold Middle Schools are included

This proposal included the neighborhoods that will attend Clayton Arnold Elementary School and Clayton Arnold Middle School.

4. Bethesda, Oakview, Heritage, & Longview will send students to Clayton Arnold Elementary

Bethesda will send the largest number of students (317 current students) to Clayton Arnold Elementary

5. Heritage Middle, Spring Station, & Page Middle will send students to Clayton Arnold Middle School

Heritage Middle will send over 300 students to Clayton Arnold Middle.

6. Allendale Elementary is rezoning Wade’s Grove  to Bethesda and Buckner Crossing to Chapman’s Retreat

Several WCS elementary schools are rezoning to other current elementary schools to alleviate overcrowding.

7. Some elementary and middle schools have changed their feeder patterns to middle and high schools

Most notably, Oakview Elementary will split to Clayton Arnold Middle and Page Middle, Bethesda Elementary will split to Clayton Arnold Middle and Spring Station Middle. Page Middle splits to Centennial High and Page High.

8. A map of the rezoning proposal is available HERE

9. Find the details of which schools are rezoning and who’s affected HERE

10. These are proposed rezoning plans


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